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The marvellous machine

Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Company loves beer. So do many, many other people. So much so that the brewery was struggling to keep up with demand for its craft ales – especially given space limitations at its premises.

A more efficient and compact kegging line was needed; one that could share space with a loading dock while cleaning and filling kegs. The thing is, most kegging lines are just that: linear. And Left Hand Brewing just didn’t have the space – until the team saw a different shape of things to come…


The marvellous solution

The team turned to the Innokeg Till CombiKeg from KHS, based in Dortmund. It’s an unusual keg racker and washer, in that, rather than moving kegs along in a line, it rotates them in a circle as they pass through each phase.

The space-saving invention that makes this possible? The IVAC pneumatic cylinder. Cleverly integrating valves, switches and controls, with a central connection for air and power, it packs a lot of performance into a small space. And by eliminating piping, it cuts energy requirements by up to 50% – as well as further reducing space. Which is just what Left Hand Brewing needed to get more out of its space, and keep bringing beer to the thirsty masses.

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