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The marvellous machine

When breaking through the Earth’s surface, the challenges faced by surface top hammer drill rigs are myriad – not least dust. They can only operate reliably if the dust they generate is removed from the drill’s path to prevent jamming.

However, it’s not as simple as exhausting the dust, as airborne particles present a huge health and safety hazard. Sandvik Mining has an ingenious answer to this: integrating compressors and jet pulse dust collectors into its rigs. Drawing dust into filter bags, these solutions ‘cake’ the dust, while timed blasts of compressed air shake it into the collector for safe disposal. It’s a marvellous idea, given the operating environment, and it relies on one clever little invention…


The marvellous solution

IMI Buschjost valves are the defining factor in Sandvik’s ability to keep its collectors running safely and efficiently. Opening in milliseconds to build air pressure for an intense burst that cleans the filter bag, they are designed to reduce energy consumption, and engineered for safety and reliability, being explosion-proof and operated by a diaphragm rather than a spring.

With the valves performing consistently in temperatures from -40˚C to 140˚C, Sandvik can use its drills anywhere in the world – protecting people and equipment from dust at all times.


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